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Eric Adu Adjei and his group are concerned. Their concern is that the terms “Partially sighted”, “low vision” and “legally blind” are getting “totally blind every day. Although our schools, colleges and other educational institutions describes this as visual impairments -a very nice name. This is not a natural phenomenon but is a global problem and predominantly in the developing countries and the whole of Africa. Africa is getting totally blind. This is not the kind of life which society can really accept without addressing! Population has become wide and is growing so fast with vision loss, that it might eventually threaten the stability of success itself by brain and nerve disorders.

We need a standardized objective approach to evaluating and eradicate permanent impairment of the visual system as it affects an individual’s ability to perform activities of daily living. We cannot do this alone; we would need partner’s donors, volunteers, sponsors and all kinds of support from individuals, companies, co-operations and organisation. This is not something we are trying to inspiring so many hopes for so many people but need such a help to restore our eyes. And as long as I know since I was 13 years (Eric). Americans supportive to the poor and needy never waver. Americans never quit from helping the poor and the needy. They never hide from history, they make history.