This program offers you (eye specialist, nursing assistant, ophthalmic assistant, optometrist, optician, ophthalmologist and even students the opportunity for practical service at the Synergy Eye Care Organisation.

Interested persons or group can apply and join other voluntary helpers from Ghana and other countries like USA, United Kingdom, Australia, China, India, Scotland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia etc. We regret that we cannot accept beginners in English. Those who can already hold a conversation in English will benefit most from living and working side by side and learning to appreciate each-others culture while at the same time providing vital practical help to the organisation.

NOTE:When applying, what we require are two choices of dates. Please be specific and include day, month and year. You need to know why you want to become a voluntary helper. Please be aware that although this is an opportunity to practice your profession, it is not enough of a reason to come. Be true to yourself, be clear in your own heart and mind about why you want to come; be realistic about your expectations. The voluntary helper coordinator will occasionally telephone you to find out if you are able to do this before making you an offer. Because it is a social arrangement which pursues collective goals, controls its own performance and has boundary separating it from its environment. Here management is interested in organisation mainly from an instrumental point of view which is a means to an end to achieve its goals.

NOTE: Synergy Eye Care Organisation would like to team up with a network of independent licensed eye doctors to offer a great value and high quality eye care on our eye screening voluntary helper programs. We would be grateful to have a strong relationship with hundreds of eye specialists and strive to have sound working relationships with all our eye care voluntary helpers.

You will have to provide your own travelling expenses to come and return home. WE DO NOT pay wage but we do provide FREE accommodation and meals plus $ 500 per week subsidence allowance in return for your services.